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Now in my mid 50s, I no longer work full-time on the doors (far too old!!), however I was a door supervisor on and off for over twenty-five years. I started on the doors back in the mid '80s at Ritzy and Central Park in Norwich, and since then went onto work at venues in London, Manchester, Mansfield, Wigan, Nottingham and many, many others, even in Paris, France.


I also entered venue management for a number of years with units including EQV in Wilmslow, Easy Street, Preston, Rick's Place, Norwich, Gables and Raffles in Wellingborough and Digby's in Mansfield.


I am also a genre best-selling author with a number of titles to my credit including the genre best selling Doing The Doors, Confessions of a Doorman, Bouncers and Bodyguards, Respect & Reputation (with prisoner Charlie Bronson), Mammoth Book of Hard Bastards and Britain's Toughest Women.



On top of this, I have written and published a number of Kindle ebooks on a diverse range of topics and subjects, founded and published Tough Talk, an acclaimed online magazine interviewing martial artists, boxers, combat specialists etc., founded The Circuit magazine for the British Bodyguard Association, and originally published the International Directory of Security & Close Protection.


I also manage the On The Doors website - An online lifestyle e-magazine and leading information platform for door supervisors and security staff across the UK.


As well as working the doors and managing nightclubs, I trained to be a close protection officer and have also been providing close protection services, training and consultancy on and off since the early '90s, when I formed The Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards - which grew to be one of the biggest organisations of its kind at the time. I also developed some of the very first civilian, commercial (non-military) close protection training courses and have provided protection based services and training in a number of countries worldwide including Iceland, Sweden, Moscow (where I lived for a year), St Petersberg (G20 summit) and the Middle East (where I lived for four years). More recently, I also formed The British Bodyguard Association, now one of the most highly regarded bodyguard associations in the world.

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