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Thanks for looking at my website. I provide bespoke one-to-one publishing services, project management, ghostwriting and author support services for clients in Bahrain, across the GCC and worldwide.


Whether you have an idea for a book and wish to develop it into something more tangible, or a complete manuscript ready for publishing; from concept to completion, I provide tailor-made publishing solutions, mixing and matching design, editing, marketing, project management and distribution to meet your individual needs, objectives and budget.

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For the love of books...

I love books; I love reading them and I certainly love producing and publishing them; it is a real joy. However, no one can guarantee success with books (if we could, we authors and publishers would only ever be producing best-sellers!). But success isn't just about making money; it's about having people read your words, admire your work and loving what you do. This, in my opinion, is real success!


And to take your initial idea, book project or manuscript through to a completed, published book really is a wonderful achievement that only a very, very few people ever manage to do.

IMPORTANT POINT: If you are only publishing as a way to try to make money, then please don't! Generally very few self-publishers ever make back the money they have spent on publishing. For most authors with the resources to use a bespoke publishing service such as myself, or have their book ghostwritten, it is more a way of getting their name as an author out there, and their words read and work noticed, rather than a money-making process.


Also, if you would like to publish your book simply for posterity, or for therapy, or to have it published and available just for your family, friends, business or workplace colleagues, I am happy to do this for you too! You can have as many private copies printed as you need, and there is no pressure to try and make your book commercially available.

Is it all worth it...?

When you see your book published and in your hand or on the bookshelves at your local bookshop, or when you are being interviewed about your book for a radio or TV station, or when you are reading extracts at book clubs or schools or libraries, or giving talks on being an author to business groups or writers' clubs, or chatting to your readers at book signing events, or giving your book away to family and friends, or getting emails from people loving your words and your work... then YES, it is absolutely worth it.


I, and my associates (my team of designers, photographers and illustrators), look forward to working with you on your project, and to producing something very special for you.


And remember...  books are a honourable and noble, books last a lifetime, books can be read time and time again, and books can be passed down from generation to generation.


Best wishes, always...

ROBIN BARRATT - Author, Writer, Publisher

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